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​Personalized Litigation Services

Disputes are a part of everyday life. Sometimes a dispute is small and you can work it out with talking. But when something grows to the point where you can’t move forward, where your business or livelihood is threatened, you need to take another step.

Sometimes, you just need a lawyer.

Brian works with people across the South Texas area to find legal solutions to their problems. As a litigator, he understands the way that conflict can get out of hand and makes it his business to help you stay in control. Learn more by reading his attorney bio below:

A Texas Attorney For Texans In Need

Our team was founded in South Texas where Brian built his life. He has spent a great deal of time working the area and getting to know what matters to the businesses and the people here. He dedicates his practice to building a better South Texas area for everyone, because we all share the same basic values.

Our team works hard to create personalized, long-lasting solutions to their legal needs. Whether it is contract work or litigation our team aims to make the best possible outcome a reality.

Litigation Services For Everyone

We value our experience and understanding of the community and the people that make it up. We have assisted clients with all manners of litigation issues such as:

  • Civil Litigation
  • Agricultural Law
  • Probate & Estate Administration
  • Real Estate
  • Personal Injury
  • Criminal Law

When an issue comes down to what a person should have done, as their responsibility and neglected or intentionally did otherwise, we can help you.

We Want To Hear From You

Responsiveness, intelligence and professionalism are the principles of our practice. We treat our clients as they deserve to be treated and provide the advice they need to hear about their legal issues. If you have a civil litigation need of any variety, please reach out to us by calling 361-275-8502 or using this email form.

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