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As a farmer, rancher, agribusiness operator, or someone in any other agriculture-related role, you may realize you need legal advice for a number of reasons.

  • You may have run up against government regulations that seem impossible to comply with.
  • You may be embroiled in a conflict with a neighboring landowner or business.
  • You may have received notice that a person or legal entity has filed a lawsuit against you having to do with your agricultural interests.

Whatever your concern, you need a straight-talking, straight-shooting ally on your side. The Law Office of Brian Michael Cromeens may be the resource you are looking for.

Do Any Of These Reflect Your Challenges?

The term “agricultural law” is actually a large umbrella term encompassing many areas of the law that farmers, ranchers and those in agribusiness come in contact with. Our team may help you find solutions related to these or other issues:

  • Water rights involving groundwater, surface water or both
  • Mineral rights, including gas and oil extraction on your property
  • Easements for pipelines, energy installations and other purposes
  • Grazing, including open-range and closed-range grazing
    • Other cattle and livestock laws, including animal liability for straying livestock
  • Fence law and boundary controversies
  • Agribusiness or family farm and ranching business organization
  • Eminent domain and condemnations
  • Land use laws regarding agritourism, recreational use of land and other concerns
  • Taxation of land devoted to special uses, such as agricultural uses, open space uses, hunting uses and wildlife management
  • Right to farm land surrounded by housing developments
  • Deeds, estates and co-ownership
  • Contracts associated with buying, selling, leasing or insuring assets such as land use rights, animals and/or products of the land
  • Environmental controversies

If your concern is not listed here, please contact us regardless and we will share how we can help you or refer you to the right resources. A consultation with a respected local lawyer can get you on the way to the solutions you need.

Get Straight Advice And The Assistance You Need For Your Ag-Related Legal Matter

As you grapple with a problem or simply seek preventive guidance related to your agricultural interests, turn to a trusted local lawyer. Attorney Brian Michael Cromeens is available to serve as your advocate and adviser.

Call us at 361-275-8502 or complete our online intake form to schedule an initial consultation.

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