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Owning or managing a piece of Texas is a privilege that is worth your efforts to protect. You may devote a great deal of work and care to managing your ranch or farm. At the same time, you likely confront property rights issues that require a lawyer’s guidance. The Law Office of Brian Michael Cromeens is here for you.

Here, you have the opportunity to receive counsel from an attorney who is a rancher, too. Mr. Cromeens brings diverse talents to the table, including ongoing firsthand ranching experience and recognition as a valuable advocate for ranchers in the South Texas area. Clients of our team appreciate consulting with a local peer who understands their needs and perspective.

Let Us Know What’s On Your Mind

The estate: You, family members and other partners may require review or revision of deeds and related documents confirming ownership or transfer of ownership of land and assets like water and minerals. You may need help to remedy title defects, divide properties or address other land rights problems.

Threats to ownership: You may face foreclosure, condemnation and/or eminent domain. A strong defense may enable you to preserve your land. Otherwise, timely representation can ensure that you get the best available terms.

Claims to land with questionable ownership: A neighboring rancher may claim rights to portions of your property through adverse possession, or you may be on the other side of the coin, possibly seeking resolution of rights to land your family has used without a title for decades or even generations. You may want to force a government entity to purchase your land if it has been damaged by nearby developments through an inverse adverse possession case.

Easements and boundaries: You may need help negotiating with a neighbor, developer or government entity regarding compensation for use of your land for utilities, pipelines or other purposes.

Usage rights: You may need to assert your right to use your land, or to lease it to others for farming, grazing, recreation or hunting purposes.

Turn To A Respected Local Rancher And Attorney

No matter what agricultural law matter brought you here, we are ready to listen and help. You can count on straight talk when you consult with attorney Brian Michael Cromeens.

Call our South Texas offices at 361-275-8502 or fill out our online intake form to request an appointment.

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