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Damaged farmland and the oil companies that cause it

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2020 | Ag Law |

It was too much and then came the breaking point. Frustrated and weary about losing more farmland, you realize that it is time to confront the oil company that made promises, but never kept them. Many acres where you have grown cotton, grain sorghum and wheat through the years have become contaminated.

While the fictional 1960s television character Jed Clampett grew rich from the oil reserves found on his land, you find yourself in an almost opposite situation. The oil found on your land only made the petroleum companies rich, while you are stuck with an exorbitant clean-up price tag on land that now is useless for growing crops.

Contaminated farmland and an uphill battle

Texas oil companies often take over as much as five acres for a well pad site, while building pathways to nearby roads, infringing upon prime cropland. Along with the oil-contaminated land comes damages from heavy equipment. And farmers find themselves doing extra work, having to maneuver their farming equipment around an oil well site.

While these oil companies agreed to pay for damages from a well, those payments usually do not cover the cost of an entire clean-up. And sometimes when they do attempt to clean the land, the methods they rely upon prove ineffective, putting the farmland in worse shape than it was before.

The land is no longer in its original condition. With frustrations boiling over, you have decided to take legal action, seeking monetary damages for the lost revenue. It will be an uphill battle, but it can be done working with an attorney who understands agriculture and the oil industry.

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