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Preventing business disputes before they arise

by | Apr 19, 2021 | Business Law |

Business owners face any number of major decisions at the start of a new venture. Selecting a business structure, focusing on a location, hiring employees and launching a product or service are important factors in a new business, but each could bring about disputes in the future if done haphazardly.

Give your new venture in the best foundation for the future by working to prevent possible disputes from the very beginning. Missteps made at the start can have long-lasting consequences for a business, so consider some of the potential challenges and the steps you can take to avoid them down the line.

Documentation is key

When it comes to doing business, any expert will tell newcomers to keep proper documentation from the get go. Once you’ve settled on initial decisions such as the business structure and location, make sure to create an agreement if the business involves multiple owners or some level of personal liability.

Partnership and shareholder agreements are necessary elements of a multi-owner business structure whether it’s a partnership, limited liability company or some form of corporation. Multiple owners bring many more variables to the future of the business, so it’s important to have a written plan in place for potential developments over the lifetime of the company.

Protect the company’s assets

One major mistake new businesses can make is to put off protecting intellectual property. Don’t wait until a dispute with another entity arises to consider protecting your company’s important assets. If you’re unsure of what aspects of your business need intellectual property consideration, consult legal and professional experts to inventory the business assets and advise necessary coverage.

Don’t go it alone

Entrepreneurs starting a new business tend to feel a need to accomplish everything independently. Yes, business owners need to take responsibility for their ventures, but no one needs to go it alone with a new endeavor. Consider the many financial, legal and professional resources available in starting a new business.

The work you put in at the start of a new business can mean the difference between success and downfall later on. Your business deserves the chance to thrive, so take the time and utilize the resources to ensure the best chance of success with your new venture.

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