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Texas durable powers of attorney give agents select powers

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2021 | Probate & Estate Administration |

You may not know that estate planning can offer you more than just a way to create a solid will. Although a will is a critical element of an estate plan, there are other tools you can add to strengthen your plan. A durable power of attorney (POA), for example, can handle legal and financial issues on your behalf. You can also designate a POA to make healthcare decisions for you if you become incapacitated.

For example, say you have been involved in a serious car crash, are unconscious and are suffering from an array of injuries. With a durable POA, your chosen representative can step in to direct your medical treatment according to your stated wishes. This depth of control over your own health and wellbeing – even when you’re unable to make those decisions yourself – is extremely valuable.

What can your representative do with this power?

It may surprise you to learn that the powers your chosen agent gains from a durable medical POA in Texas are up to you. Some of the powers you may grant to your representative include the following:

  • Consent or denial of surgery and other medical procedures
  • Consent or denial of life-prolonging measures (such as CPR and artificial nourishment)
  • Consent or denial of the administration of medications
  • Consent or denial of blood transfusions
  • Consent or denial of the use of equipment (such as mechanical ventilators and dialysis machines)

You can gain significant peace of mind from knowing that your healthcare wishes will always remain under your control. That is one real advantage to adding a power of attorney to your estate plan. An experienced estate planning attorney can help you ensure that this is done correctly and in accordance with state law.

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