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When to update your will

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2021 | Probate & Estate Administration |

A will is an important testamentary document that you may choose to include in your comprehensive estate plan. Unfortunately, many individuals believe that their estate planning work is finished once they have created all their necessary estate planning documents. Though some documents may not require modification over time, wills are a form of testamentary device that may need to be revisited and adjusted whenever you go through significant life changes.

This post will discuss circumstances under which you may want to amend or update your will.

Changes related to marital status

One of the biggest reasons that you will likely want to change your will is if your marital status changes. Changes can happen because of a death, divorce or marriage. For example, if you go through a divorce, you may no longer want your ex-spouse to benefit from your estate, once you pass on. You may choose to change beneficiaries to other parties. If you end up remarrying, then you may want to update your will to include your new spouse as a beneficiary.

Changes related to children

Another reason that you may choose to update your will involves changes in the status of your children. You may create your will before you have kids and need to amend it to include your children’s names. You may also wish to amend their inheritance once they become legal adults. You could also choose to disinherit your heirs through your will, if you decide that is what you want for your estate plan. Adoption of a child, or the birth of grandchildren, can also create the need to alter your estate plan to include them.

Aside from changes within your family, you can also alter your will whenever your beliefs about the distribution of your estate evolve, or if other external factors require you to modify your plan. When contemplating a change to your will or other estate planning document, it’s a good idea to speak with a trusted estate planning lawyer for advice on how best to achieve your goals – and ensure they are carried out under the parameters of the law.

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