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What do you know about a breach of contract on sales of goods?

On Behalf of | May 4, 2022 | Business Law |

Recently, you signed a contract on sales of goods, but now you wonder if the other party violated that agreement. Because this is the first time this happened, you are unsure of how to articulate your grievances in a way to plead your case properly.

Here are some common examples of a breach of contract on sales of goods. See if any of the following ring true for your circumstances.


If you expected delivery of a purchased item but suspect the other party breached your contract, look into repudiation. This is a breach of contract on sales of goods, one in which you anticipate wrongdoing on the other party’s end before the delivery.

Say that the party you entered into contract with makes statements or actions that give the impression of a premeditated contract breach. Under such circumstances, you can sue before the breach occurs.

By action

With repudiation by action, a seller or buyer violates the contract through an act or a failure to act that blocks a sale from happening. For instance, say that a seller reneges on a sale because the company shuts down – knowledge the seller had before entering into the purchase agreement with you. On those grounds, you can sue for breach of contract.


With express repudiation, the other party leaves no room for doubt about the breach of contract. With the example above, the seller may leave a voicemail plainly stating their unwillingness or inability to make a delivery. This is express repudiation that makes it clear the seller does not plan on fulfilling the contract.

Do you think you may have a breach of contract case on your hands? Know that you have legal options for recourse.

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