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Should I post about my arrest on social media?

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2022 | Criminal Law |

Social media is one way that you connect with your friends and family. Instead of picking up a phone or texting a group, you can update everyone who follows you on what is happening in your life.

While social media can be efficient for spreading information, it is not always wise to share certain details about your life on social media. In some situations, your social media posts can be used against you in a pending court case.

Here’s what you should know about posting on social media while your criminal case is pending.

No post is safe

When it comes to posting on social media after your arrest, no post is “ok.” You do not need to make a post stating that you are “taking a break” from social media. The well-meaning posts about not posting often lead to a discussion about why you are not posting.

Answering questions about your absence from social media would defeat the purpose, so it is best to skip the post and avoid the questions.

You should, however, have a conversation with your friends and family who tend to tag you in their posts. Knowing what information could be used against you is impossible, so it is best to avoid social media tags.

Do not delete

When you know you should not post on social media, your next thought may be to go to the other extreme and delete your account. Not only is it unnecessary, but deleting your accounts could create more trouble than simply taking a break from social media.

Your social media accounts will likely be part of the investigation related to your charges. Deleting your accounts could be seen as an attempt to tamper with evidence relating to the investigation (even if there is no evidence on your account).

There are many details to an effective criminal defense strategy. You should talk to a skilled professional about the best strategy for the charges against you.

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