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Can you borrow your friend’s prescription?

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2022 | Criminal Law |

It can be a complicated process to get prescription medication. You have to go see your primary care doctor, they have to write you the correct prescription and then you have to go get it filled at a pharmacy. This can all take a long time and there are some expenses that you can’t avoid.

For this reason, you may find yourself thinking about borrowing a prescription medication from a friend or family member. Maybe you mentioned that you needed to go to the doctor and they told you that they already had a prescription for those pills. They offered to share them with you so that you could avoid the hassle. Can you do this?

Sharing prescription medications is illegal

You actually cannot do this, even if the medicine would help you and if it’s the correct way to treat the ailment that you have. Any level of sharing of prescription medications is prohibited. It doesn’t matter if your friend is selling them to you or letting you borrow them. You are not allowed to possess medicine that was only given because of a prescription that someone else had.

Likewise, you cannot use the excuse that the medicine was legal because the prescription existed. If the police pull you over for a traffic infraction and find the pill bottle in your pocket with someone else’s name on it, for instance, telling them that that person is your friend and allowed you to use the medicine doesn’t make a difference. Doing so still breaches the law, even with your friend’s permission.

The law has been set up this way because it prevents people from saying that they are just borrowing medicine that they have obtained illegally. Some medications, such as painkillers, can be very addictive. This leads to recreational use, which is also illegal. But even if that was never your intent, it could still appear that way to the police.

As such, you may find yourself facing some serious criminal charges that are going to define your future. You must make sure that you understand the defense options you have at that time.

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