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Fake IDs can lead to future problems

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2022 | Criminal Law |

There always will be kids under 21 who flout Texas laws regarding alcohol consumption – buying it, possessing it or drinking it. While the law may consider you an adult at 18, for the purposes of drinking beer, wine or spirits, you must be 21.

It’s may seem to be a conundrum, to be treated as an adult in almost all other ways, but as a minor where alcohol is concerned. Like it or not, however, the law is the law.

So, you got caught with a fake ID

It is not the end of the world – although this charge should be taken seriously. Even having a misdemeanor like this on your record can have real-world consequences, both now and in the future. Let’s examine some of those:

  • You could lose academic or athletic scholarships.
  • Depending on in which you are enrolled, you could face suspension or expulsion.
  • A conviction could affect future jobs and housing opportunities.
  • Certainly, you don’t want to limit your future from one mistake made in your teens or at 20 years old.
  • Fight the charges you face

In some cases, your attorney might be able to get your charges tossed out of court. Depending on the circumstances, it could be argued that the evidence was illegally obtained and thus, unusable against you. 

The good Samaritan defense might apply if you were caught in possession of an older sibling’s or friend’s legal ID or Texas driver’s license. After all, you may have been merely returning their lost property to them.

Don’t despair – take action

Never talk to the police. The best way to dispute the charges against you is to discuss your situation only with a Texas criminal defense attorney who can best protect you and your future.

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