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Divorcing when your child is in college

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2022 | Family Law |

You finally got that “empty nest” you’d been waiting for. However, like many married couples, you and your spouse soon realized that being alone with each other after all these years of raising a child isn’t the same as it was when you first got married.

Whether you realized you no longer have anything in common, you want different things in this stage of your life or you just don’t want to be in this marriage any longer, you’re divorcing. 

Your child’s visits with you

Whether your child is coming home on the occasional weekend or they’re far enough away that they only come home for longer breaks and summer, you should know where they’ll be staying. You’ll likely want to coordinate holiday time as well.

Just avoid putting pressure on your child to stay with you rather than their co-parent or making their visits home a time for drama between you and your ex. They could end up choosing not to be around either of you. 

Your child may choose to call and text one of you more than the other. Even if you feel like you’re the one they’re reaching out to less, don’t make them feel guilty. It may be hard enough for your child to only be able to communicate with one of you at a time without them feeling like you’re keeping score.

Helping your child with expenses

We haven’t even gotten into the financial logistics of paying for your child’s college education as divorced parents. You’ll work this out of your divorce. If you’re both helping your child with miscellaneous expenses, it’s a good idea to keep a shared expense record. Co-parenting apps have these. This way your child isn’t using the fact that you’re living separately and maybe not communicating much to get some extra spending money.

Divorce with children of any age has its own unique challenges. Having sound legal guidance can help you navigate this time and do what’s best for your child.

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