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When Disputes Become Legal Matters

Disagreements in business and personal life sometimes go beyond the realm of wrongdoing or disappointments. Sometimes they lead to civil claims and lawsuits.

Civil litigation or litigation alternatives may be necessary to resolve disputes. The Law Office of Brian Michael Cromeens brings a depth of experience and a track record of favorable outcomes to civil litigation matters, including:

  • Real estate disputes that develop between:
    • Owners of adjacent properties
    • Buyers and sellers of residential or commercial properties
    • Individuals and lending institutions
    • Landlords and tenants
    • Property owners and government bodies
  • Business-related disputes between:
    • Partners
    • Business owners and shareholders
    • Businesses and other businesses
    • Businesses and commercial landlords
    • Suppliers and businesses
    • Businesses and customers or clients
  • Personal injury claims, such as:
    • Car accidents
    • Slip-and-fall accidents
    • Injuries on private and commercial properties with insufficient security

We Are Ready – Are You?

Our team is well-prepared to handle these and many other civil matters, whether straightforward or complex. Our track record of success puts legal opponents on notice that we do not shoot blanks.

If we bring a claim or defend a client in a lawsuit, we are set to take negotiations as far as they need to go to get a just outcome for our client. Sometimes that means we go to court. We prepare every case as if for trial.

We stand up vigorously on behalf of clients with vital interests at stake. In all cases, we aim to protect the rights of our clients in South Texas and beyond.

To Settle Or Take To Trial?

Pretrial settlement offers are common when opponents want to avoid the expense of going before a judge.

We represent our clients vigorously at every step of the way to resolution. Some people and businesses want to win, no matter what. Others seek a cost-effective conclusion. In every attorney-client relationship, we listen carefully and collaborate thoughtfully.

Ultimately, our clients make decisions to take cases to trial or settle outside of court. From start to finish, we work hard to ensure that you are well-educated and prepared to make the right decisions in your own best interests.

The First Step Is The Way To Make Progress

Beginning an offense or defense intelligently is halfway to a resolution. Discuss your dispute with an experienced local litigator.

Call 361-275-8502 or send an email message through our online intake form to request an initial consultation.

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