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Criminal Defense In Uncertain Times

When attorney Brian Michael Cromeens took his oath as a newly qualified lawyer in Texas, he pledged with these words: “I do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitutions of the United States, and of this State … (and) discharge my duties to my clients to the best of my ability … with integrity … with the court and all parties.”

These sentiments ring true today for clients of our team, just as they have since Mr. Cromeen’s decision to practice law.

You are in good hands with The Law Office of Brian Michael Cromeens advocating for you and your Constitutional rights in any criminal matter. You don’t want to mess around when you are facing criminal charges. You need a fast response and a hard litigator to protect your future and your freedom.

Attorney Brian Michael Cromeens is that man.

Turn To A Local South Texas Criminal Defense Law Firm

A man of his word, Mr. Cromeens is dead serious about strongly defending clients who have been charged with crimes:

  • Domestic violence, assault and other violent crimes
  • Fraud, ID theft, computer-based crimes and other white collar crimes
  • Theft and other property-related crimes
  • DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol)
  • Drug offenses, including driving under the influence of drugs and other substance-related crimes
  • Felonies and misdemeanors of all types

No matter who you are or what your background is, you can count on confidential, compassionate and zealous representation in criminal cases. Regardless of the facts or circumstances, if he is your criminal defender, his burning drive will be to protect:

  • Your freedom – Beginning with keeping you out of jail
  • Your future – Preserving your clean record and reputation
  • Your rights – Ensuring a fair process with the courts
  • Your prospects – Striving for the best outcome attainable in your case

What Is A Successful Outcome?

In a best-case scenario, your lawyer may convince the court that a law enforcement agent stopped or arrested you without cause or that the so-called evidence against you is unreliable or was gathered illegally. Charges may be dropped altogether.

What if the charges stick and you are convicted? Mr. Cromeens will leave no stone unturned while working with you in pursuit of the least punitive outcome, perhaps probation or reduced penalties. Or, you may qualify for a diversionary pathway that will leave no criminal record.

Every criminal case is unique, and no lawyer can promise a particular outcome. But Mr. Cromeens can promise his best efforts and determined application of his skills and experience toward a positive way forward.

Take Back Your Life: Do Not Delay

For best results in the face of accusations or an arrest, contact a lawyer now.

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