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Steady Guidance Through Your Divorce

Ending a marriage is rough. Emotions are raw. Your lives and your finances are intertwined. Now you have to untie those knots before you can ride off your separate ways. You may not even know where to start.

We know every divorce is different. Attorney Brian Cromeens will sit down with you to take stock of your situation. What are your goals? What are your immediate concerns? What do you foresee as the main points of friction? We will help you approach your divorce with a solid strategy for protecting your interests and moving you forward.

The Problem Solver You Need

Getting divorced is like a real-life algebra test. It’s complicated and frustrating, with no choice but to buckle down and figure it out. The Law Office of Brian Michael Cromeens combines practical advice with strong advocacy to help you solve the equation.

Brian Cromeens is a savvy advisor, skilled negotiator and successful trial lawyer. He can guide you and advance your interests in every facet of Texas divorce, including:

  • Community property division
  • The marital residence
  • Spousal support (alimony) if applicable
  • Contested child custody
  • Negotiation of parenting plans
  • Fair child support
  • Post-divorce modifications of court orders

Equipped For Unique Issues In Texas Divorce

Brian is a lifelong Texan with roots in agriculture and a prior career in the oil and gas industry. He can knowledgeably address marital estates involving farms and ranches, mineral rights and agribusiness investments, as well as other real estate holdings or closely held businesses. Accurate valuation of these properties is critical to a fair split of the estate. Because it not feasible to split these assets in half, we help you explore creative trade-offs of other assets and debts to reach a property settlement.

Ready To Negotiate, Prepared To Fight

Divorce litigation can be stressful, expensive and unpredictable. We try to avoid a shoot-out, especially where children are involved. But sometimes it is necessary to stand your ground or ask the court to break an impasse. If it comes to that you want Brian Cromeens, an experienced and formidable litigator who intends to win.

Let’s Troubleshoot Your Divorce

The Law Office of Brian Michael Cromeens welcomes men and women of all walks of life in Cuero and neighboring counties of South Texas. Call 361-275-8502 today or contact us online to request a divorce consultation.

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